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quintero Nelson Carrero

Is a Lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Universidad Santa María de Caracas, a football Technical Director and former professional footballer with more than 20 appearances for the Venezuelan National side between 1980 and 1989. With regards to his legal studies he possesses various postgraduate degrees in Penal Law and Penal Business Law.


The principal areas in Nelson Carrero?s Law practice are International Sports Law, National Sports Law, Penal Law, and the laws and bylaws of the Public Registry and Notary. Specifically, he specializes in the following matters: drafting and analysis of sports bylaws; disciplinary sports claims; the investigation of forged documents for athletes; the organization of sport entities (International Associations, Federations, Associations, and Clubs) according to sporting laws and bylaws; drafting and analysis of sports bylaws for children and teenagers; travel permits for athletes; penal procedures; penal procedures for defamation; penal procedures for wrongful use of brands; and Penal Business Law.

Other Activities

Nelson Carrero is a very well recognized athlete in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for his displays with the Venezuelan National team in the Moscow Olympics of 1980, the qualification games for the FIFA World Cups of Spain 1982, Mexico 1986, and Italy 1990, and the Copa America of Uruguay and Chile in 1983 and Argentina 1987. Nelson also played professionalky for Deportivo Galicia, ULA, Deportivo Italia, C.S. Marítimo de Venezuela, and Caracas F.C. He also possesses great knowledge as coach, highlighting his work at Union Atlético Maracaibo and as Technical Director of the Under 20 Venezuelan National Team in 2005.

Nelson Carrero is also a broadcaster graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela and has been a football commentator for different television channels and radio stations.


Telephone: +58-212-7614052

Email: ncarrero@carreroquintero.com

quintero Antonio Quintero

Is a Lawyer, graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. He has an LLM in International Sport Law, from the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía in Madrid, Spain and also by the Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles in Madrid, Spain. Antonio also has several postgraduate degrees, including: Sports Management in the Business of Baseball by the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and a Diploma in Litigation and Procedural Law from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. Antonio has international experience in the Sports Law field, having worked in the Law  Firm  Paulo Roberto Murray in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the area of Sports Law.  He is currently, pursuing an LL.M.  in Global Sport in the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía in Madrid Spain, and  an LL.M. in Private International Law (Conflict of Laws) and Comparative Law at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.


The principal areas in Antonio Quintero´s Law practice are International Law of Sports, National Sports Law, Contract Law, Litigation, and International Humanitarian Law. Specifically, he specializes in the following matters: Analysis of the legal strategy for conflict resolution in sports; proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport; proceedings before bodies of organized football (FIFA Disciplinary Committee, the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA Committee FIFA Players' Status, Court of arbitration of the FIBA, the FVF Electoral Commission, Board of arbitration and Honor Council FVF), advice about the Winter League Agreement between Major League Baseball and the Caribbean leagues, use of alternative dispute resolution, legal proceedings in the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia in Venezuela, labor courts, courts of children and adolescents, civil courts, administrative courts, proceedings before various courts within the sports federations and associations, transfer  of athletes between clubs (loan or definitive), labor contracts of athletes; television right contracts; endorsement contracts, sponsorship and image rights; merchandising contracts; doping, the list of prohibited substances, therapeutic use exemptions and international standards; representation  contracts of athletes and clubs (sports agents); advice for obtaining licenses of agents.; advise in sporting election cases, advice for registration of projects in the National Sports Fund (Venezuela) and, identification of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and aggression.

Other activities

Antonio Quintero, has also other postgraduate studies, as a Diploma Football of Football Coach at the Universidad Deportiva del Sur, Comité Olímpico Venezolano, y el Centro de Estudios Superiores e Investigaciones Deportivas de Venezuela, and a diploma of radio and tv announcer by the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

The Antonio Quintero it is also the Director of International Relations of the  Asociación Olímpica de Derecho Deportivo de Venezuela and also is a member of the Fundación para altos  Estudios del  Fútbol "SIMÓN RODRÍGUEZ".

 He also writes for several legal publications, as Ámbito Jurídico, the magazine Podium, the digital magazine Iure, the digital magazine 11 amigos,  websites Venezuela es Fútbol and  iusport.es and columnist for the Asociación Olímpica de Derecho Deportivo de Venezuela . Among his publications is "Internationalization of Armed Conflict: Case" Prosecutor V. Tadic "International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, 1997 - 1999", "Whatch out , the transfer price problem in Volleyball" and "How to regulate the activity of Football Players agents ".

He has done several presentations at national and international conferences of Sports Law. He has also been a champion of the international competition Víctor Carlos García Moreno, on proceedings before the International Criminal Court and International Humanitarian Law, in its 2006 edition.

In his free time Antonio Quintero plays football and tennis.


Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


Telephone: +58-412-3121298

Email: aquintero@carreroquintero.com

Twitter: @antoniojqr

quintero Sergio Musella

Is the Chief Communications Officer of Carrero & Quintero Law Firm. He is currently a student of History at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Among his many courses are the Latin American Sports Journalism Seminary at Universidad Simón Bolivar (USB), different radio courses at "Voces de Marca", Radio and Tv Producer course at "Radio Sin Precedentes" and a Specialization in Sports Journalism (USB).


The principal areas where Sergio Musella works are: the management of sports information of public interest and journalistic investigations. Specifically, he specializes in the following matters: the management of information of interest for the media; the drafting of official communications; investigations to gather evidence on sporting topics using the media; the gathering of information, news, and data of historical and statistical significance; as well as managing social networks in sport.

Other Activities

Sergio is a football commentator at "SinRuido.net", staff of "La Vinotinto.com" at Radio Sintonia 1420am, member of "Sports Journalism courses of Simón Bolívar University".

In his spare time Sergio Musella writes in his personal blog "Letrasdelacancha.wordpress.com", where he archives his journalistic publications.


Spanish, English and Italian.


Email: smusella@carreroquintero.com and sergiomusella@gmail.com

Twitter: @Sergio_Musella